It’s not often that you come across an exceptional Sales Assistant, especially one in a plus size clothing store.

Well guess what I have found the most adorable and helpful assistant you could ask for.

Firstly I am not an affiliate of this store nor a stakeholder or someone known to the Assistant. I am just a shopper who wants to tell of my wonderful shopping experience had, due to the service that was provided.

I had never been to the outlet before so you can imagine that when you walk into a huge clearance store and find on trend clothing that fits perfectly, looks fantastic and is well and truly at bargain prices…. it is hard not to either squeal, grin like you have just one lotto or in my case with a weakish kind of bladder want to wet your pants… this was my first reaction to the shopping experience.

I am presently on a crutch due to a completely screwed up leg. I firstly grab a shopping basket , the ones with the wheels and extending handle and make my way to the back of the store. I thought this would be best, start at the back and work my way to the front.

I was struggling from the get go, my back and legs started aching immediately but I was not going to walk out of this shop before having a good hard look at all the specials that were on offer.

Heather the shop assistant saw almost immediately that I was struggling and came to my rescue. This is the service I was then given that made my shopping experience a truly enjoyable event.

-My basket was pulled around the shop by Heather.

-I was given assistance in taking photos to send to my girlfriend so I could purchase clothing for her.

-Heather held my bag when I was trying to get my phone out of it.

-she assisted me in getting the correct size of clothing I wanted to try on and then set them neatly in the change room for me.

-Heather asked my name and used it when in conversation with me and when she was in another part of the store would call my name to see if I was ok.

I would not have spent hardly any money in the store and grabbed the bargains I did if it was not for the help of Heather. I would have spent no where near the 3hours that I did selecting clothes to try on and/or purchase.

The shop and its apparel.

Whoa this was excellent.

I am big on buying tunics , my preference are ones that do not need to be ironed and are of a stretch polyester blend.

I was in heaven

2 x 1 piece flattering feminine and on trend bathers very good quality @ $30 each

1 x maxi dress perfectly made to conceal the extra curves allowing a hint of the right assets to flourish. $20

5 x tunics all non iron all of a young brighter look still acceptable for my age bracket ranging from $20 to $30 each

3 x T- shirts that were true to size and comfortable as well as fashionable. $15 each

JAM hmmm ok it is in store credit-“take now pay later” oooh yeah baby .

Heather packed all my items, set up my account including VIP card. She then carried my bags down the lift to the private underground parking and put them in the car for me.

100% happy with the day I spent @ taking Shape Clearance store 100% happy with my purchases and I can tell you no matter whether you are an apple a pear or an hour glass you will definitely find a bargain that is perfectly suited to your fashion sense and shape.

I have been able to roll all my tunics up and have huge amounts of room left in my suitcase. I am off on a cruise and have a great new wardrobe to take with me.

I have since rang the regional manager of the outlet to give Heather a wrap for such fantastic service.

I endeavour to put some photos up of my fantastic buys soon. I also have some awesome op shop buys that I want to up load.

If there are any shapes or fruits reading my blog. I say thank you for taking the time and I really would enjoy reading any great shopping experiences you have had

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