TO ME IT’S ALL ABOUT THE OTHER BASS JUST AS FOUNDATION IS THE BASE TO YOUR MAKE UP, THE PRODUCT THAT FRAMES YOU FACE FOR THE HIGHLIGHTS TO BE ADDED …………SO IS THE UNDERGARMENTS YOU HAVE UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES. THAT IMPORTANT BASE THAT FRAMES YOUR BODY SO THAT YOU HAVE CURVES THAT WIGGLE RATHER THAN JIGGLE. What you see in the photo’s of myself is what I would call a mistake in the base, being an apple and in some ways I feel a victim to the middle age spread ( my nickname use to be skinny Minnie) I have all my lady bumps in my tummy and my butt. If I am not wearing the correct undergarment for my clothing choice of the day, I end up with mini lady bumps, large lady bumps, mismatched lady bumps (I have one hip that is much bigger than the other) as shown . Not only do I have lots of bumps, I have bumps that choose to jiggle rather than wiggle. then there is also one of my pet hates the dreaded , unattractive anything but sexy undie line (YUCK) . I used to wear frilly little G-strings to eliminate the undie- line I now have to find a garment that does more. You can call them shape wear, sucker inners, spandex these under garments come in all different styles versions colours and pricings. I have never yet come across ones that diminish my rather rounded arse or one that allow me to wear a smaller sized dress. What I have found are the shape wear sucker inner bike shorts that as a rule I would have worn under this dress. To me the bike shorts if you find the right ones, ones that do not roll down or have you gasping for every breath when you sit are a great option if you like myself want to wiggle. They are not miracle workers and I am not after that. I am now content with the fact that what I’ve got is here to stay so make the most of it. What the shapewear undergarments do……. they make all those mismatched bumps look more defined, like when you iron the creases out of a mans shirt the shape wear sucker inners even your curves out to a smoother finish. Not only that you no longer have that disgusting undie-line. so there you have it fellow shapes fruits and hour glasses a little bit of info that I usually live by. I am off on a 2 week cruise now and I am going to be checking out the fashion mishaps new trends what to incorporate into my closet and what not to try. Although I am yet to have anyone follow my blog I will be back to add more pages , lots of photos of my cruising wardrobe and complete challenges hosted by other bloggers. From the bottom of the apple cart making my way to the top I will be back another day 10590626_10205007990222044_2348575640427349880_n

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