Batman is Hot to Look at. Batwings are cool to wear

Hi there Fruits, Shapes and Hour Glasses2015-02-10 16.49.17

Now it’s not that I dislike Batman, I actually think some of the Star’s who’ve2015-02-10 16.42.50 played Batman are quite delicious and yes in that tight body hugging Super Hero costume the eye candy is well presented.

However it’s summer here in Sydney 38° and up and up the temperature rises and I can think of nothing worse in this heat than wearing that tight fitting, body sweating, camel toe displaying extra curves showing Batman Suit.


Absolutely no way. That’s why I’m opting for the all time favorite Batwing.  Alright, so this does mean ladies …..yes you will have to up the routine on shaving your underarms but it’s seriously worth it especially if you’re able to find a cool soft cotton dress like this.


When I first saw this dress I thought the print was too bold and I wasn’t sure on the colours. Looking at myself in the mirror I was completely won over and am complimented when I wear it. 

For most of the day it covers my belly well, the dreaded bloat hits around 4pm (I’ll talk about that in a future post.)

I’ll love the Batwing sleeve on this dress no arm chaffing and it’s such a relaxed fit, I don’t feel like the Green Hulk every time I move, worried I’m going to split the seem or worse still cut off the circulation in my arm like I’m having my blood pressure checked.

The dress is from Elenora a wholesaler I purchase from. I love it so much I also purchased one in Jade which is something I don’t generally do but have come to learn when you’ve got curves and you find that perfect fit, BUY it in every colour

So Fruits Shapes and Hourglass is it Batman or Batwing for you?

Would love to see your photo be it a great Batwing piece or a great piece of Batman.

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