Forget the New Year’s Resolution, this is the start of a lifestyle change. The time has come to take control, start seeing yourself as a priority, allowing yourself some personal time. Allowing yourself time without hesitation, without feelings of guilt and without interruptions.sunrise - Copy

Have you heard of the Miracle Morning written by Hal Elrod, It is written on his website  That Hal Elrod is the #1 bestselling author for his book, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life…… (Before 8am). The Book is being hailed as one of the most life changing books ever written.
Ladies the Challenge presented to you is an integral part of the book. I have made the decision to jump on board, thought you ladies may like to as well.

The Challengeclock - Copy Good Morning ladies your new day now starts at 5:30am
10 minutes for clearing your mind and concentration- as soon as I wake up I have been showering, Ok we know that the price for electricity is high at the moment however that’s my time and it feels great. I am clearing my mind by thinking of absolutely nothing. I’m not even sure if I am awake for the first half of the shower. It is however much more enjoyable without someone banging on the door wanting my attention.
10 minutes of writing- firstly before I even look at writing anything I finish getting ready in peace, yep that’s makeup and hair styled. I put a load of washing on. I have now made a new habit of opening all the blinds ready to greet the sunshine, opening doors to air out the house. That in itself make me feel great. I utilise writing time for my Daily To Do List.
10 minutes Remind yourself of your Goals- Struggled, Instead I found a great opportunity for planning the weekend activities with kids, organise tools and paint needed for my next DIY, think and plan events and activities that I enjoy organising.
10 minutes to an hour and a half Get Moving- It’s exercise time “pftt seriously no I’m not ready to get my joggers on at this hour of the morning”, house work is exercise enough. Hang that finished load of washing, prepare dinner, prepare lunches, all-round general tidy up.
20 minutes Read- If you are following the guide to become an Entrepreneur, Then you would be reading The Australian Newspaper. I read my emails, check all the sales, read and sign the school notes and read the latest news via the web.

coffee-1128135_960_720 - Copy
Ladies you now have the power to take control. Regain your identity and provide yourself with the well-deserved personal time you need. 21 days is the magic number needed for our mind and bodies to adapt to a new habit.

If 21 days is all it is going to take for me to have moments where I feel 21 again, have spare time to do things that I used to enjoy doing when I was 21 winky face and have the energy of a 21 year old, I’m in. How about you?
Remember Ladies No Snooze Buttons- you snooze, you lose!


  1. I need to turn from a night owl to a chipper morning person. The snooze button has been my friend for too long! lol I wish I had time like that but, I’m rushing the kiddo to school. But, for the weekends perfect! Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party! Pinned & shared. Hope to see you again soon!


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