Work off your STATE DEBT FINES

Recently I have become aware of a program that is available to Australians with Fines 

State Debt Recovery.



The Program offers an alternative to the extravagant amounts we are charge for what sometime can be a very minor mistake.

My Mistake was that I had forgotten to re-new my Licence on the Friday as I had been at the hospital with my partner all weekend who had been rushed  to I.C.U.



On my way to work on Tuesday (spouse still in hospital) I was pulled over random breath check. I pulled out my Licence and was told it had expired. I said honestly I had forgotten. My disability sticker showing I was told to park my car around the corner and find alternative transportation. I showed him I was on a walking stick. This made no difference


$500 was the amount of my Fine, even after I had written asking for leniency. So  I am sharing with my fellow Australians who are not given a fair go The fact sheets in the hopes that some how you may be able to either volunteer your time or do a short course instead of paying all that money. Oh what I did was set up an arrangement in which I told them that I can only pay $20 per fortnight and that is all I do.

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