AN OUTFIT CHANGE-Immediate Results for improving your mood

Unfortunately I do not have a magic wand to lift the weight off your shoulders and unburden you from what ever it is that has you feeling like crap. Maybe you are having a shitty week, month, year, stuck in a rut, family issues, financial issues, menopause or you are nursing a broken heart.

However remember that whatever it is that is making you feel dreadful on the inside, there are organisations in your community who are there to listen, lend a professional ear to your issues and refer you to services which are mostly free of charge that are there to support and assist you through your problems.

That is what I do in my Day Job now what I can offer you here is some simple tips that we all know work but we are so consumed with the shite in our lives and  at times to over whelmed to remember the simple things that can make us feel good.

It is a known fact that if you look good on the outside, chances are you will feel good even if only slightly and if only for brief moments. We will stand tall, Remember who we are, How strong and confident we can be. All Achievable with a simple wardrobe adjustment 


ID-100136753Have the longest Shower in History. Do it whilst the kids are at school or sleeping. Maybe hubby can take them out or someone can mind them. I’ve been in this rut of a place scrub your hair thoroughly get those forgotten areas shaved and maintained. Make a scrub of sugar and honey give your face, neck, elbows, hands and feet a great exfoliation. All the whilst you have your favourite  music pumping through that bathroom. Now I don’t want you playing your favourite love songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I want that music that makes you get your groove on and wiggle your toosh. My choice FLEETWOOD MAC’s Greatest HITS or ICE HOUSE. MOST OF ALL NO THINKING JUST DOING


Grab the moisturiser and Revitalise your entire body whether it’s with a $2 bottle of cream or a $50 bottle you will definitely feel good after that.(oh and if it’s time appropriate grab a glass of wine)

How about a new hair style ? You don’t need a cut and colour to for a different look spend some time in front of the mirror. Try some up styles there are plenty of easy ones to be found on Pinterest you can also have a play around with some new make up techniques and colours



Now lets put some colour and life into your wardrobe. I don’t mean for you to go as elaborate as this maybe you have plenty of colours in your wardrobe it’s just a matter of pulling them out and doing some mixing and matching.

The 2 outfits I have  displayed below are both complete well known labelled outfits purchased from Op Shops so if your strapped for cash to perk yourself up you may enjoy a day on an OP SHOP HOP and revamp most of your wardrobe for under $150. The Hand bag alone is a NINE WEST BAG retailing well over $40 I paid $6 and the red Colorado top I think I paid $2 for.  NOW SURELY PICKING UP A BARGAIN WIN WILL PUT A LITTLE GRIN WITHIN !                                                                             

                Please remember this is meant as a confidence booster, a self esteem builder and to help you feel better about yourself. If you have serious issues that need to be addressed continue to work on your outer self with the simple suggestions we all know work, However I do urge you to seek advice from a Non Government Organisation in regards to what the issues are that are making you feel this way.

Images Courtesy of Marin & Nenetus at

and a very special mention to  Rachel Osborne -DON’T Call Me Super Mom For The Featured Image




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