Patio Succulent Garden

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I DO NOT have a green thumb. As much as I love to water my plants,
I read all the instructions, plant at the appropriate times of year
so on and so on…..

Nothing I plant grows well; except
succulents, weeds. the grass of cause (that I am unable to mow )
and some  very sturdy hard weather standing plants that are rather ordinary looking. All other plants and seedlings regardless of how much attention and TLC I give them-  start off looking amazing for the first couple of weeks then the leaves slowly start to whither with a droop and a bow forming in the stem until a complete stoop has been reached and the rich green of the leaves have turned from a  brown tinge to a bare nothing poof gone ……… slowly but sure another plant I have yet again killed.

However this does not deter me from my continuous quest of trying to  find ways to have a  garden. I am not as adventurous to actually move further than my small front patio.. my goodness I would have people egging my house if they were to see the amount of plants continually being destroyed by my very non-green thumbs, not to mention I would actually suffer huge bouts of embarrassment each time I was seen purchasing and replanting if I went any further than the porch. 

Sooooo if that means I have to put a couple of imitation plants on the patio and blend them in with the ones that actually live. Then that’s what I will do. Fingers crossed this cute little project has worked out a winner and I think I may extend on it a bit more.


I am not at all taking any credit for the eazy peazy steps for this quick and easy patio make over. There are many ways it can be done. I have an entire board dedicated to it on Pinterest you can also see some of the great christmas gifts I made with succulents and kitchenware.

WHAT YOU NEED: Cheap Cactus potting mix Cheap Crushed Rock (I used White), Cheap Succulent Plants, Any type of cup -disk-kettle-container you want to plant in. I used gardening gloves and a scoop.(Nails had just been done)

WHAT TO DO: Place some crushed rock in the bottom of your container-pour in potting mix leaving enough room for your plant.- Remove plant from temporary container take of excess Fertiliser from around roots. -Secure your plant firmly then top up your potting mix.- I have with some place the crushed white rock around the top for a nicer effect, I do that with all the ones that I gift and…….TRADAA. There you have it.



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