There are times in all people’s lives where for one reason or another we are not in a position to pay our bills on time, leading us to ask for an extension on our bills or borrow money from Peter to pay Paul


There are unexpected bills that arise that can constantly throw our budget out,such as medical bills , the car breaks down and unexpected school camp and so on and so on.

Asking people for financial assistance  is not easy. It can be humiliating and embarrassing Australians are proud people. However I am a great believer that in times of need To approach a Community Welfare Organisation , access the services they have to offer and ask for financial assistance can be the most beneficial thing one can do for themselves and their family. 

One visit to a Community Welfare Organisation may stop an entire snowball effect- Of Continual Financial Hardship- Physical Illness- Emotional + Mental Health Issues- Relationship Breakdowns- Homelessness

sad-316424_960_720The following information can be found on the NSW Government Department of Industry Resource & Energy

The Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme helps people experiencing financial hardship and who are unable to pay either their electricity or gas bill. An account holder of mixed accounts in extreme cases is entitle to up to $500 per financial assistance in Eapa Vouchers per financial year. This is assessed by a crisis intake worker.

The scheme is not available as an on going service and the goal is to help for you to pay enough off the bill to be able to place you on a hardship program where you are able to pay fortnightly payments preferably in the amount of your  usage plus enough to chop away at the outstanding amount without the added stress of receiving disconnection notices or having either your gas or power disconnected.

For information on other long Term energy assistance options visit Cut YOUR BILLS or call Service Nsw 137788.

List Of Community Welfare Organisations who are Eapa Providers

Please visit Department of Industry Resource and Energy for further information

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