Bathroom Décor on a Budget

Powder Room Decor under $30
Budget Bathroom Décor - Beautiful Cut glass and Crystal pieces on a shabby chic bamboo tray
  1. Having Teenage Sons is excuse enough for the kids bathroom to be messy more than it is clean. Add to that a teenage daughter and your son’s girlfriends and you have basically a 24/7 disaster area. WHY ? because it is the children’s job to clean it.

Unfortunately this is the bathroom that is also utilised by guests and although mostly family it is still very embarrassing for them to walk into a bathroom where there are cotton buds , cotton balls, face wipes, tooth paste, tooth brushes, make up, acne creams, bb creams completely covering the wall to wall vanity bench.

So today before I started the dreaded bathroom clean I rummaged through my collection of OP Shop finds and came up with Budget Friendly and hopefully cleanliness enticing Bathroom Décor Set For the Kids Bathroom.

It took me less than 20 minutes to put it together and less than $20 to buy. Now that is definitely Bathroom Décor on a Budget.

**The Decanter was 50% off @ Kingswood Vinnies I paid $7 I can not take credit for the idea. It was an idea I had seen some time ago on Pinterest. Unfortunately I can not remember The pinner but Thank you. I think it is a brilliant idea and it looks great.

**The Mini Wine Glasses **The Powder Room Sign   &  **The Vase & Flowers  are not included in purchase price. The vase, flowers and powder room sign were already Bathroom Décor in The kids Bathroom (even though they had put the sign in the cupboard grrr) and the mini wine glasses were out of my cabinet.

**The Crystal Bowl with the lid was 50% off cost $3 **Cut Glass Milk Jug 50% off @ $2  **Cut Glass Bowl 50% off $1   **Bamboo Tray $5 Originally Brown I had painted it cream some Time ago for another project then found something better.

The Total Of Bathroom Décor $18 Now THAT’s A Winner. However the Win to me is that the method in my madness pays off ??? Hopefully Now that I have made the Bathroom Décor a little more feminine the young ladies will be more inclined to keep the Bathroom clean. I am also hoping that with the cotton buds, balls and face wipes concealed to the one area of the tray the mess if any will also stay in that one area.


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