I BUY SILK FLOWERS with FREE POST for less than $5

Being addicted to op-shopping, over the years I have gathered the most beautiful collection of antique and unique vases. I can not resist the bargain especially when some of my most favourite vases or the ones most commented on only cost me the price of the daily newspaper.

Not all are on display at once, such as the one that decorates the Dining Table. I change That vase each time I change from a Linen table cloth with roses to a 70’Retro pattern to a crochet embroided piece in either beige or cream. However My house would probably display in it’s decor a lot more vases and floral arrangements than the average home and as I have an eclectic come vintage/shabby chic decor appearance throughout the majority of my home I think the extra vases add extra charm.

So where do I find all the artficial silk flowers, posies, single stems and foliage to fill my vase collection? and where and how do I purchase it for less than $5 and receive free post?

“eBay”- Yes that’s right …..but and there is a BUT it is not as quick and easy as just looking at a picture and pressing the BUY NOW button. NO NO NO. All the flowers do come from overseas china, Indonesia , Hong Kong  (Wait don’t Gasp) these are not rubbishy flowers as you can see in the photo’s however you need to do your homework to ensure that is not what you are purchasing.

My Tips are:

– Always read the full description, check that you are not just purchasing flower heads and that you are receiving stems as well.

-Check the measurements to ensure they are the length needed.

– The photo they present will be of a certain quantity of that flower and at most times the seller will stipulate this if you wish for your vase to look the same filled with flowers you will have to purchase the same quantity of that flower to perfect the same look in volume (remember this when   ordering and buying) a good example of this is in my featured photo . I purchased the suggested amount to achieve the full volume look that matched the photo displayed in the sellers advert.

-always compare prices between sellers I save the sellers to my Favourites List to refer back too.

– be patient do not be in a hurry to receive these items as postage can take up to 6 weeks, so make sure you order in plenty of time prior to needing the flowers or do as I do save your pennys and order all at once so you have always got extras at home.

Make sure you have a Paypal account as many of the overseas sellers only allow purchasing through paypal.

-Always check that it is actually cheaper with free shipping against the sellers who chargers $1 shipping  sometimes what looks cheaper at first glance isnt once you calculate and compare prices.

It may take you a little bit more time purchasing your silk flowers this way but if you like to save money and don’t want to pay the extravagant prices asked for flowers in the decor boutiques, You will be extremely happy once you receive your first purchase of flowers and once you see the quality you receive for your money I am certain like me you will purchase more.

Please share any photos of vases you have purchased from opshops that you love or any flowers you purchase from eBay. I am always interested in show and tells.

Thank You for Reading


Curvy & Content


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