I always try to plan my piece out before I start painting by marking each section with a lead pencil. ( I have an awful memory and get confused quickly lol) Here is the finished product.

One of my favourite painting techniques to use when flipping/refurbishing old wooden furniture is to use lace as a template.

As you can see in the photos I have provided this technique leaves such a visually effective finish to any wooden surface. It looks so pretty , very shabby chic and you will be happy to know that this technique is

-inexpensive ….all you need is some lace (I tend to use pretty patterned curtains found at op/thrift shops) ,a can of  high quality purpose made spray paint and either a can of clear varnish/polyurithine or clear bees wax.

-quick and easy  …… There are basically 4 steps to complete a project using Lace as a  template.

STEP ONE: After preparing your furniture piece for painting as you would any other, such as cleaning and sanding if you wish. Choose which areas you will be placing your lace pattern on too.  Note that you can only spray paint over a piece of lace once and will need to measure & cut enough individual pieces of lace for each section you wish to spray.

STEP TWO: Once your freshly painted surface has completely dried or your wood is prepared lay your piece of lace flush over the surface and tack down using masking tape and an overlay section.

STEP THREE: Follow Spray Paint Instructions – For best results this technique requires you to spray lightly in straight lines back and forth only covering the area once with spray paint so a light delicate mist is hitting the lace. Do not be over eagre with your spray be gentle and take a little time when applying. This will give you best results and a more defined pattern. To much paint tends to bleed through causing a smudgy and blurred effect.



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