DIY ROSE PETAL CANDLE HOLDER- Crystal wine glass, Antique Bone China Saucer Plate & a Bunch of Artificial Silk Flowers is all you will need to complete this Beautiful Project

Before starting this project there are a couple of things you may like to do in preperation as I did.

The first thing was to hop onto eBay and purchase some inexpensive artificial silk flowers. I  was not in any rush to start my project so I bought my flowers from china. They cost me $1.99 aust dollars with free postage and arrive within 3 weeks of purchase date.  You may also at this time want to purchase the strong glue that I have used to secure the plate to the wine glass this will set you back up to $10 australian but is well worth it’s value and I highly reccomend it for any such project.”E600″ it is clear, transparant , flexible and paintable.

The second thing and one of my most favourite things to do is an excursion to your local op shop or goodwill thrift shop. This is to find your perfect base and top for this project. I was fortunate enough to find 2 of each for mind so my single candle holder will actually be a set when my project is complete. The Top’s are exquisite they are from the AYNSLEY Collection of English Bone China and even have the numbers marked on them. The price was a total winner at $1 each. The Bottom’s are just as exquisite they are high end crystal cut glasses with gold stems and cost me $3 for the pair. As you can see an excursion to find these treasures for this project was well worth.

The photo above shows you all that you will need for this project. The project is simple to complete, cost effective as I have already pointed out and can be completed in under and hour with full glue drying time needed 24hrs.

STEP ONE- after cleaning Top and Bottom set aside to dry. Take flower heads and pull apart so that you have each flower as individual petals. Using your hot glue gun competely cover the outside of your wine glass with the individual petals. (ensure that it stills stands, turned upside down when working around the rim of your glass)

STEP TWO- adhere plate to glass with strog glue ensuring it is in the middle allow to set whilst you pull apart the leaves you will be using for the under part of the plate.

STEP THREE- once plate has set enough that it is no longer moving around to much use your hot glue gun to glue your leave on the under part of the plate. I allowed the leaves to fall where they wanted and glued then.

Allow glue to set and dry before placing your candle on top.

I would love to hear your feedback on this project especially any photos of your completed project that you would like to share. You can either comment below or if you prefer you may contact me

Thank you for reading



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