The Op Shops in my area tend to accumulate a lot of Wine Carafes and most times I can pick them up for as cheap as between 50c to $1  and I almost never leave  to come home from a day of op/thrift shopping without purchasing a couple of  Fine China Saucers or bread & Butter plates.

These two item will form the structure of your candle stick holder. To adhere them together I use a very strong glue “E6000” it’s clear and paintable and available for purchase on eBay. I only use  Spray Paint Brands Rustoleum or Krylon which are self primers and are made to cover most surfaces.

Not only did I purchase the plates and carafes from op shops I also bought most of the embellishments used to decorate my project from the op shop as well.

Step One- Clean and dry items thouroughly and spray paint carafe. Once dry use a light sand paper to distress if that is a look you like.

Step Two- Place doileys, pieces of lace or coloured papers on your carafe using decoupage techniques. (for larger pieces I used modge podge with a coat of glue underneath to adhere and another coat over the top to hold in place)

Step Three- Once the larger pieces of material are completely dry glue your smaller embellishments with a hot glue gun. Handmade Shabby Chic Flowers made from old clothes (there are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest) , Diamontes purchased at Bargain prices  from eBay.

Step Four- Secure your plate with glue and allow to rest for a couple of days before you stand your candles on them.

Australian Readers you can purchase the most amazingly scented inexspensive candles from one of my closest friends. You will be shocked out how cheap her prices are for such high quality products. “Candles by Lisa – Sydney”was my inspiritaion for this project.

If any of you ladies would love to share your completed project I would be thrilled to see your photos. I am also looking for Collaborators for my Group Board ” Pinterest inspired Projects” if any of you would be interested in becoming a contributor and sharing your DIY and Craft Projects you can send me an email with you Pinterest information @ curvyandcontent@gmail.com

Thank you for Reading


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