Spring Daffodil Wreath- Completed & hung in 5 minutes for the cost of $20 aust

Although in Australia we ae coming into the colder seasons and a long ways from the season of spring, I was inspired to create my quirky “5 Minute Make Spring Tulip Wreath” by a fellow Blogger.

I have finally made my first blogging connection/ friend. I have made friends through Pinterests but to actually connect with another Blogger of like mindedness actually makes me feel that I am finally starting to exsist & belong in this enormous world of sharing your style/label/brand/story or whatever else it maybe that one is sharing through this channel of social media called Blogging.

Emily from http://www.domesticdeadline.com was my inspiritation for this wreath. Emily is a DIY Blogger from the united states who recently shared a post on how to make  adorable daffodils out of fabric. I wasn’t as crafty as to make my own daffodils however I was inspired to make something with bright yellow flowers and even though it isn’t spring here in Australia This wreath looks Fantastic hanging up against the bricks of my front entry.

All I used was The decorative wall art of an old Fan. These are all the trend now and can be purchased in gift boutiques/shops for between $15- $25 aust depending on size and a buch of flexi wire tulips that I puchases from eBay.

In a matter of minutes after twisting the flower stems in, out and around the wiring of the fan, ensuring that the tulips were secure and that the leaves were sitting nicely my  Spring Wreath was complete.

If you would lke to share your crafts and DIYs so that others may be inspired I invite you to my Pinterest Inspired Group Board for Bloggers (beginners welcome) leave your name and email at curvyandcontent@gmail.com    If you have any questions or comments or would like to connect as Emily and I have please I look forward to your feedback and comments below.




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