A Great Start Up Project Tutorial For FIRST TIME FLIPPERS

A beginners guide on How to Turn a Boring white Coffee Table into a Feature Piece for the Lounge Room


Beginners Step by Step How to Flip a Coffee Table with a beautiful Lace-Top Finish


Beginners Step by Step How to Flip a Coffee Table with a beautiful Lace-Top Finish


Your START UP PROJECT on your way to becoming a Furniture Flipping standout

Anybody can flip furniture, do not overwhelm yourself before you start by looking at all the amazing before and after photos  you see on Piniterest. Do not race out to your local Hardware store and fill your trolley  with unnecessary tools that you may never use.

START SMALL-GAIN CONFIDENCE-GAIN EXPERIENCE & Then GAIN an entire home full of beautifully  handcrafted  furniture and decor’ that you have flipped yourself, that is unique and has cost you a fraction of what it would if you had purchased retail.

This Queen Anne Style Coffee Table was one of my first start up projects. Let it also be A great start up project for you. It can be completed in less than 48hrs, the techniques are basic and simple to follow and if you stick to my suggestions the project is very inexpensive.

-My TABLE cost me $10. Do not buy an expensive table, in Australia you have Gumtree, FB groups, eBay and Op Shops and I know you have similar in UK & US with Craig’s List and lots of Goodwill and Thrift stores. Ensure the table is sturdy and  has not had water damage (meaning the wood is not swollen or cracking chipped)

-Second thing  find or purchase  a cheap piece of LACE CURTAINING with a pretty floral pattern that is large enough to cover the top of your table.

SPRAY PAINT is next what you will buy is one that needs no priming. I only use 2 Brands Rust-o-leum and Krylon. You will need 2 choose 2 coordinating colours. I chose a lovely cream for my Base colour this covered the entire table so you will need probably 2 cans of your Base colour and then your Top colour I chose a Minty Sage green this is what I used on the top of my table and the drawer. I also painted a vase and only used 1 can of spray paint.

Sandpaper a medium grade and a light grade and a sanding block to wrap the sand paper around. (This saves your fingernails and deters arthritis….(well so I keep telling myself) Yes you can purchase these at your hardware store however your Dollar Shop probably stocks them cheaper.

Wax & Polish or Polyurythine Spray- I always seal any of my Furniture Flips with Bees Wax The Brand I like to use is Organoil Bees Wax with Citrus Oil. However I am unsure what is available in the UK & US.


STEP ONE-If this is your start up project- Tell everyone to leave you alone and not to disturb you your having “YOU TIME” don’t stress, this is meant to be fun and enjoyable, turn on the music and set your space up with all that you need to complete your project and then clean your project with a damp cloth and give time to dry. At this stage you may like to sand off any varnish however this is not always necessary and more a preference.

STEP TWO- Check out a couple of you-tube videos on how to spray paint with cans then spray your entire table with your Base Coat.

STEP THREE- Once your table is completely dry lay your lace curtain flush over the top of your table ensuring it is in your preferred direction with No wrinkles or bumps. use some masking tape if preferred and tack curtain overlay to the bottom side of the top of the table so that the curtain does not move. Then with your coordinating colour starting at the right hand corner and working across in straight lines spray paint across the top of the curtain. ( you can see where you have sprayed because the colour of the curtain) Do not be heavy handed you want this to be a mist that falls. You can remove the lace curtain after a couple of minutes

STEP FOUR- once you have spray painted your coordinating colour in all the areas that you have chosen too it’s time to distress which is just a matter of grabbing that sand paper and block getting a feel for what grade sandpaper works best against the edges of your table in regards to how distressed (how much paint you want removed). Around the edges , on the corners and following the defined lines of your table. Sand using a slight dragging motion and remove the paint and layers of timber until you are happy with grain that is showing through or what parts of paint have come off. “PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS” is what I like to call them and it only needs to please one person. That one person is you if you are happy with the look then it is PERFECT.

STEP FIVE- using a dry cloth thoroughly dust your beautiful table ensuring that there is not any dust left. With your choice of sealer foller instructions and complete your first flip, take a step back admire and be awesomely proud of your accomplishment. Take 100 photo’s and share them with me and give yourself at least 2 days rest before you rush and buy your next piece of furniture.

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