Restoring Roadside Rubbish-A Pot Plant Chair Project

Brighten Someones Day, By Brightening their Garden or Porch/Patio with this very Quick Simple & Inexpensive DIY Project



ARTIFICIAL- A chair, florist foam( I always purchase mine cheap on eBay) a container ( I purchased a round washing plastic tub from Bunnings $6.99, artificial plants and shrubs ( I always purchase cheap from eBay) sandpaper of different grades,

Spray paint I would like to tell you about a new brand I have found WHITE KNIGHT SQUIRTS Paint & Prime. This new SQUIRTS Formula has a 10 minute drying time and each can has 3.5 mtrs squared coverage. It Bonds to Wood, Metal, Plastic & more. Now if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I am very particular about my spray paint and as a rule only use Rust-O-Leum and Krylon. Well after using SQUIRTS Paint & Prime for this project, paying almost 1/2 the price of what I do per can for the other brands and being thoroughly impressed by the products outcome, including the spray flow, no drips, and being true to their word about the extremely fast drying time. I am hooked and will be using Squirts Paint & Prime as my preferred spray paint for all my DIY projects from now on and if you are able to purchase this product to complete your project  I highly recommend.  I purchased mine from Bunnings @ $7.95 per can a huge saving.

 LAVENDER or REAL FLOWERS- I drilled small holes in my plastic tub, The Lavender was on special for approx $7.50 per plant @ Bunnings (x4 plants), a bag of cheap mulch and a bag of white crushed rocks.


STEP ONE- Remove the centre of your chair (beware of redbacks & other spiders mine were covered in it maybe give the chairs a spray in insect killer first and wear gloves). Thoroughly clean your chairs. I also gave mine a light sanding all over however with Squirts this is not necessary rather a choice.

STEP TWO- You can either use masking tape and section areas as you plan your colour scheme or as I did use your first colour and spray your 1st section I wanted the colours to over lap and blend to give it a more aged look when sanding) Whilst drying Yes only 10 minutes not even, spray your plastic tub. Then spray paint your second coat of your first colour and allow to dry.

STEP THREE- My plastic Tubs only needed one coat of Squirts. Now it’s time 2 spray paint your coordinating colour. On my Real Flower Chair I used 2 coordinating colours on my Artificial Chair I used one colour. The nozzle on the spray paints made it easy to make defined lines and as mentioned I wanted the colours to overlap. You can mask over your base colour now if you do not want this look whilst you spray your coordinating colour.  Allow your first coat to dry and spray on your second coat.

STEP FOUR- Distressing and Blending is my favourite part of a project. I find sanding very therapeutic and this is where your unique style take shape. I love giving my projects the aged/shabby chic look “Perfect Imperfections” is what I refer to them as and I spend sometime using different gradients of sandpaper working to achieve a specific vintage look. Inspiration for these chairs came from an image in my memories of chairs that used to be in my great grandmothers garden. By allowing the spray paints to overlap and then sanding them to blend I think I achieved just that. Once you have completed all your sanding wipe off all the dust. I sealed the chairs with 2 coats of Polyurethane  spray.

 ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS Place your tub in the chair first then add your florist foam. There is no special way to add the flowers I just stuck them in until my tub was full. REAL FLOWERS- I haven’t a Green Thumb so I will not be giving any advice on how to pot your shrubs or Lavender all I can say is make it look pretty.

   Thank You for Reading. I enjoy feedback I would love to hear from you regarding this project or any of my others. If you have a similar project that you have completed or one that you think I would be interested in or you would like to promote on Pinterest ( Beginner Bloggers Welcome ) Please contact me and become a Collaborator on my GROUP BOARD PINTEREST INSPIRED PROJECTS FOR BLOGGERS.



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