Well I have to admit that I am totally stoked to have been chosen to participate in Michele’s Monthly Project Challenge over at This months Challenge Material/Subject is doors.

Straight away I knew what I was going to do for this project, immediately I was thinking outside the box because my subject has been staring back at me almost every time I paint for over a year.

Being a lover of Roadside Rubbish I had picked up this very old Kitchen door it was straight out of a 50’s Kitchen and I have been wastefully using it as a painting board ever since. I knew eventually that it was going to be turned into our Family Name sign for the front patio to add to our curb appeal and I knew this challenge was the kick up the butt I needed to do it.

For you to complete a Similar Family Sign What you will need is:

Paint – I used a combination of chalk paint, spray paint and paint pens. Sealer– I used Bees Wax with Citrus Oil. An old Kitchen Door or Dresser Drawer. Strong Glue- I always use E6000. Good quality Masking Tape, Different Grades of Sandpaper, something that will allow your door to hang ( I use rope and a staple gun) Accents for decorating as I have with the 3 swallows and artificial flowers.

Photo 7-06-2017, 5 33 35 PM

As I had been working with this door for so long I had decided to leave some of the muted colours and incorporate them in the final look. First I taped for a Boarder in Blue.

Photo 7-06-2017, 8 52 41 PMPhoto 7-06-2017, 8 52 53 PM

I then filled in the colour Blocked areas with purple and white chalk paint. Whilst that was drying I printed a mirror image of the Family Name in preparation for my sign.

Photo 7-06-2017, 9 51 19 PM Photo 7-06-2017, 9 58 54 PM

I drew and filled in the name using a terrific invention called Pen Paints which I picked up on eBay for $30. After that I started distressing the white boarder areas in a criss/ cross pattern. I then proceeded to distress the rest of the door.

Photo 7-06-2017, 10 35 57 PM

This is what the Door looks like with the distressing and now a coat of wax and as you can see I have outlined the Font also using Pen Paint.

Photo 7-06-2017, 11 00 37 PM

And here is the finished Door Ready for Hanging (well Almost) if you are using E6000 for your glue always wait 5 days before hanging something heavy no matter how dry it feels you would be amazed how much the weather can alter the effectiveness. I have now learnt through experience to be extra patient.

Thank you for reading my post, don’t forget to pop over and look at everyone else’s Door Challenge Projects at

Happy DIY


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