Plastic Barbed wire cost approx $2 with free postage from eBay The Twine $2 from a Dollar Shop The Pallet was Free found on Gumtree The Lantern was purchased with 3 others exactly the same from an Op Shop for $5 each. I was lucky, also lucky to have enough left overs of both the Twine & Wire to complete other projects. IN TOTAL EACH COMPLETED LANTERN COST ME $7

I have seen some fantastic versions of Pallet style Lantern Holders on Pinterest and have always thought that they were beyond my crafting capabilities. Recently during one of my Op Shop adventures I purchased these 4 handmade Rustic Timber, Metal and Glass Tea light candle Lanterns for $5 each and knew that I would have to put my big girls panties on and finally attempt to make what I had always wanted as part of my Decor’.

When Michele’s Pallet Challenge @ came around I knew it was now or never. Being without full physical capacity I did need to get one of my sons to help me with the lifting and the cutting of the pallet however if I did not have a stuffed up leg this would have been a breeze to do on my own.

As you can see the crate I was given for free from a Mattress warehouse is not of the usual size and shape and YAY !! for that because it made it easy for me to complete 4 Lanterns in less than 4 Hours with near to NO work needed to complete.

Photo 27-06-2017, 12 47 13 PM

All you need for this project is *A CRATE *A LANTERN *CUTTING DEVICES e.g electric saws, jigsaw *OLD RUSTY NAILS *HAMMER *TWINE (THICK) *ARTIFICIAL CRAFT BARBED WIRE.

Photo 27-06-2017, 6 12 57 PMPhoto 27-06-2017, 6 13 16 PM

As you can see I worked with the crates already set design and roughly measured each before cutting. I left all the old nails in and pulled the spare old nails out to use for hanging the Lanterns on ( I wanted this project to look as rustic, worn and old as possible.

Photo 27-06-2017, 12 51 52 PM

Photo 27-06-2017, 1 21 33 PM

The only thing I used to secure the 2 length slats together at the bottom underneath in line with the bottom of the lantern was  Twine and the artificial Barbed Wire. Quick, Easy, no fuss, secured perfectly and gives the exact look I was going for.

Photo 28-06-2017, 7 30 22 PM

I also wrapped Twine and Artificial Barbed Wire around the top part of the slats and used this part as a slide down motion over a hook to hang on the wall and although the pallets were heavy the combination of twine and wire were sturdy enough to hold perfectly in place.

Photo 28-06-2017, 7 30 32 PM

So what I thought would be too big of a job for me, once realising that I could easily work with the pallets design as it was, I was able to complete a project I never thought I would even attempt. Big Thank You to Michele for The Pallet Project Challenge.

Photo 28-06-2017, 7 34 05 PM

I am looking forward to popping over to to see what other interesting Pallet projects Have been completed and I am definitely interested in finding some other great projects to complete with Pallets now I have my Big Pants on

Happy DIY



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