A Little Bit About Me

And I have fun doing it.

Yep that’s right. Hi I’m Judith ( Curvy & Content) I am your average Aussie nearly middle aged mum (not quite ready to put myself in that category yet) who is a complete addict when it comes to Op shopping. I am  totally obsessed, followed closely behind is gumtree, eBay and Trash and Treasure market’s for bargain Hunting and your online outlets such as Ozsale & Catch of the day for all year Christmas and Birthday Presents. I have even in recent times been known to pick up some road side rubbish and flip that into something unusual.

5 years ago almost to the day I was injured in a work incident, and I have had to alter my life dramatically. I was a self proclaimed SuperMum outgoing, sporty and on top of everything. Not only did my body shape change so did my attitude towards life and my physical abilities. I was no longer able to do all the sporty things I used too.

Very slowly I am turning my life around and am starting to find other ways to fill the voids. This Blog is one of those and my many DIY Hobbies matched with my eclectic style is another.

Here at Curvy and Content you will find an assortment of different posts to read. Kind of like a box of chocolates. There will be some you will enjoy and wish there were more of and others that you are not fond of at all. Some that are juicy and you can’t wait to sink your teeth into such as a great DIY Craft or Decor Project and others that don’t tickle your taste buds at all such as a rant on Teenage Children, especially when you’re still changing nappies and breast feeding. However for most I endeavor to provide enough variety on my Blog to appeal to the majority Of us women who are Like minded.

Like Minded- We love a bargain and turn our nose up at retail prices. We prefer a day spent Op-Shopping than at David Jones. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty even if it is only Modge Podge and Spray Paint under our nails. We all have wonderful looking Pinterest Pages and a lot of us have our own Blog. We adore clothes and putting together the perfect outfit except ours cost $20 with The Portmans Label not $120 from Portmans. We own our own staple gun, drill and screwdriver set and we know exactly how many women it takes to change a light bulb.

So if you are still reading and would like to connect with me further Press the FOLLOW button or leave me a comment. If your an Australian Blogger let me know how the experience has been for you. If you are from overseas lets be Pen Pals or Blogging Buddies. That’s why it is called a ” Social Network” to be social and I really look forward to being just that.