2016 New Beginnings

2016 is the year for New Beginnings

Hi My Name is “Judith Sudulic”, also known as ”Curvy and Content” an Aussie girl from N.S.W.
With my Children well and truly on their way to adulthood, I am now presented with the freedom and time to pursue my many passions further.
For well over a year I have fiddled and toyed around with this Blog without any real Direction, Focus or Purpose.
Since Joining Pinterest I have come to the conclusion that I have a very long list of Eclectic Hobbies & Addictions.
I am still very passionate about Curvy Clothing and inspiring us curvy girls to feel comfortable and content with our bodies.
However I feel that I wish to broaden my blog and inspire further and share with you ladies other Addictions on my List as part of my 2016 NEW BEGINNINGS
Please Take the time to look around My New Look Blog.
You may also feel inspired to take on a new Hobby,Become involved in  a challenged or two, Create and Complete a DIY project, Read some Aussie Articles  or
or Purchase some unusual gifts or clothing.
Please contact me with any questions or if you would just like to chat
I can also be found here
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