DIY PAINTED PHOTO FRAMES – A Quick, Fail Proof, Cheap Gift to Make For Mothers Day

This post shows you how quick, easy and inexpensive it is to paint second hand photo frames and how fantastic they are to gift as presents or to resell at a Market stall. With Mothers day just around the corner this would be a great DIY project to do with your children or to sell at a Mother’s Day Craft SalePhoto 25-04-2017, 2 08 27 PM

The Photo Frames displayed in this post have been painted with white chalk paint, a variety of colored spray paints and some have been decorated using a decoupage Technique. How you choose to complete your Frames is a personal choice. This post is a guide line only.Photo 25-04-2017, 2 21 03 PM

The first fun part of redecorating your photo frames is in the purchasing. All my Frames have been purchased from Op-Shops/Thrifts Shops the prices ranged from 50c to $2 Australian. Op Shops always have a massive collection of Photo Frames for sale and if you are new to op shopping you will be astounded by how cheap the prices are so much that you will never want to purchase retail again.Photo 25-04-2017, 2 09 34 PM

Chalk Paint in Australia is rather expensive however one 500ml tin will last you a long time if only used for small projects. My Spray paints, I only use brands that have a primer incorporated in them and that can be adhered to any surface. Generally I only use Rust-o-leum and Krylon. However White King now have a suitable product available in many colours and it is half the price at $7.95 found at Bunnings. It worked perfect on my FramesPhoto 25-04-2017, 2 14 39 PM

Other items I used were Sand Paper- Scrapbook Paper- Tissue Paper- Modge Podge-Lace Trim- Bees Wax Sealer.Photo 25-04-2017, 2 28 45 PM

STEP ONE: Clean all your frames and remove the glass ensuring you remember which glass fits which frame.

STEP TWO: Paint all your Frames and leave to dry. Whilst they are drying The next fun thing is to choose coloured papers and cut to correct size to fit your frames.

STEP THREE: Once Frames are completely dry use your sandpaper of different grades, This being my Favourite part of the project, use the cut of the frame, edges and lines to distress your frame the way you like. I enjoy working with the wood and it’s lines and patterns distressing deeper insome sections than other. If the Frame had an overlaying pattern I rub the sand paper over the top so that the pattern shows through mixed with my paint colour it is very effective.

STEP FOUR: Clean your frames thoroughly ensuring all dust is removed and then rub or spray with you preferred sealer for the frames that are complete, decoupage first the ones that you intend. Then ensemble your frames together with coloured papers and photos and they are complete ready for gifting, selling or displaying.

It’s now time to share your project or comments as I would love to see your choice of DIY FRAMES. If you would like to share your DIY Projects you may like to become a collaborator on my group board PINTEREST INSPIRED DIY PROJECTS. please contact me at

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To Create a Beautiful Shabby Chic Dressing Table Set 



  I wanted to try a new painting project. The set turned out so well that I decided  to keep it for myself. Again a Big Shout to Vinnies at Kingswood, NSW Australia for their bargain bric-a-brac sales where each of these glass pieces were $1.00. This Dressing table set is so easy to make the only hard part about it is…. you need to be patient….. just as the saying goes “it’s as boring as watching paint dry” well yep that’s the hard part.


WHAT YOU NEED: an assortment of cut glass wear – 2 cans of either Krylon Spray Paint or Rust-Oleum Spray Paint , The colour of your choice where I have chosen the pink and the white for the top coat – sand paper (not to harsh)- Ribbon- Small amount of fabric cheese cloth, cotton, (anything that will fray easily) – Embellishments ( I purchase all my embellishments from china eBay stores that offer free postage to Australia)- a posie of flowers which I also purchased from eBay– a hot glue gun and that patience I was talking about.

STEP ONE: Spray paint the outside of glass ware (dry) then spray paint the inside(dry) this is with the colour. Please be sure that it is DRY.. DRY… DRY. 

STEP TWO: Rather than watching it dry organise what type of flowers you are going to make. I have a board dedicated to Shabby Chic flower making, some are easier than others. For the Flowers above I cut out odd looking circles of material in different sizes, spot glued the centres stacked on top of each other firmly until secured. I then scrunched each stack up into a ball, frayed the edges, slightly ungathered and highlighted the edges with the pink spray paints

2016-02-05 11.09.52

STEP THREE: Spray paint your pieces fully covering them in white spray paint inside and out DRY- DRY- DRY- Using your sandpaper follow the glass pattern as shown in the photos for areas of the pink to show through. TIP= Be light handed and take your time to reach the desired effect otherwise you may accidently rub off both lots of paint.

STEP FOUR: Using your hot glue gun secure your ribbon in the areas you feel they are best suited or perhaps you prefer to use Washi Tape.

 Glue on your Flowers, Embellishments and Bows. Pop in your Flowers.

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